Solar Winter School 2023

  • Posted on: 2 November 2022
  • By: admin_oie

The sponsorship chair SciDoSol within the center Observation, Impacts, Energy (OIE) of MINES Paris - PSL, is organizing the Solar Winter School in the Campus Pierre Laffitte (Sophia Antipolis, France), for the week 6-10 March 2023.

55+ engineers, master and PhD students from the academic and the industry worlds followed, in a very good and dynamic atmosphere, a 5 days of training about solar ressource assessment and forecasting using in-situ pyranometres, fish-eye cameras, satellite imaging systems and numerical weather and atmospheric models, but also on life cycle assessment of PV environmental impacts.

These 5-day training was composed of courses, conferences, practical workshops (faulty pyranometric measurements, true North compass, DIY pyrheliometer, challenge of intraday solar forecasting) and networking sessions.

Thank you to the organization and lecturers team of this week : Mathilde Marchand Lasserre, Philippe Blanc, Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan, Hadrien Verbois, Rodrigo Silva, Lionel MENARD, Raphael Jolivet, Thierry Ranchin, Etienne Wey, Alexandre Boilley, Thomas Carrière, Vadim Becquet, Loïc Yezeguelian.





Detailed program:

Download the sws_2023_programme.pdf